Best Energy Smart Tips for small businesses saves money and the environment!


What do Vietnamese bakers, halal butchers, Chinese grocers, ethnic clubs and Thai restaurants all have in common? They are all small businesses with big opportunities to save money on their electricity bills.

Our bilingual team of educators have successfully started working as BEST energy assessors on a new energy efficiency project for small businesses called the Best Energy Smart Tips (BEST) program.

Business Energy Smart Tips (BEST), a project of the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW, will be working with 600 businesses like these who want a free energy assessment and advice about how to save money on energy bills.

The energy information is provided by a BEST energy assessor in the business' own language and will help businesses to:

  • find out where energy is being used in your business
  • make no cost and low cost changes that can save you money
  • understand and choose energy deals and negotiate with your energy retailers to save
  • read your energy bills
  • choose energy efficient products when your equipment needs replacing
  • find contractors and suppliers who understand energy efficiency
  • find out about available tax incentives and rebates.

Mark Franklin,  the Executive Officer says that the bilingual energy assessors have already found some simple actions businesses can take to save energy.

'Turning off kitchen equipment, lights and air conditioning when they are not needed provides savings that add up'

 'Some of these small businesses are already taking some great practical actions.  A Chinese restaurant installed wall mounted fans instead of using the air conditioner, a convenience store owner keeps the lights off in the drinks fridge and turns the fridges off at night. These are practical actions that cost nothing to implement ' he said.

The project is run by the Ethnic Communities' Council of NSW and funded by the Department of Industry as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants program.

If you are interested in this program, or want more information or  book your free energy assessment, please contact the BEST project on 9319 0288.