Energy Advocacy

We advocate for the Government to consult with all ethnic communities and to respect and protect their rights. The ECC enters into formal consultation regularly with both the NSW Government and the Opposition to discuss and advise on a broad range of policies affecting ethnic communities.

We have a special focus on new and emerging communities, especially in identifying access opportunities for ethnic groups and trying to fill their unmet needs.

Recent Examples

In the past year, we assisted the Crime Prevention Division, Department of Justice & Attornery General with proposed minimum standards for domestic and family violence behaviour change programs for CALD communities.

We have also had on-going consultations with the Police Commissioner and Deputy Police Commission over: the ethnic naming of organised crime squads; attacks on overseas students; racial attacks and information in certain parts of Sydney; violent robberies of small businesses operated by ethnic families and intimidation of victims and witnesses; the new mandatory customer service training; and alcohol related issues within some new and emerging communities.