Our journeys

My Journey logo with disabled person speaking out

‘Our Journeys’, funded by the Department of Social Services, collated and shared stories about living well with a disability brought to life through the power of storytelling. These stories were recorded in 10 languages as both podcasts and short films. These personal journeys were disseminated throughout 2020-2022 via ethnic radio, a designated website and on social media.

Cultural Lens

‘Our Journeys’ focuses on the 10 lived experiences of people from a CALD background living well with a disability. As they talk about their experiences and journey, their stories reference and reflect on the cultural barriers and challenges experienced by CALD people. Cultural taboos, stereotypes and cultural attitudes are discussed and unpacked as the individual talks about how cultural barriers affect an individual’s ability to live well with a disability.

Local Solutions

While the short films and podcasts reflect on the challenges experienced by each storyteller, they also highlight local solutions and strategies the individual uses to assist them to live well.

These personal stories highlight the important role that not only family play, but also the broader community on how one lives well with a disability. The role of professionals in the industry, sales staff in retail stores, children and teachers in schools, operators and people attending local shops, cafes, and outdoor areas all play a part in developing an inclusive and understanding society – one which values the humanitarian right to feel included and have the choice of how and when to participate equally in all aspects of community life.

man with prosthetic leg ordering beer at a bar with friends
Sandra Pires from "Why Documentaries" filming a participant in the program

Filming and Production During COVID-19

Unfortunately, COVID-19 placed delivery and timeline pressures on the program as face-to-face filming had to be postponed from March to June 2020. The filming and production partner “Why Documentariesengaged for the project provided training and support to their staff and film crew in relation to COVID-19 safe engagement practices. This enabled safe distancing when meeting with storytellers and ensured everyone felt safe and comfortable while filming in the home.