Be connected – the good foundation

3 people participating in Spanish Be Connected session over Whatsapp

Be Connected is an Australia wide initiative empowering all Australians to thrive in a digital world.

Be Connected is funded by The Good Things Foundation supported digital literacy among older Australians in CALD community.

The ECC NSW is offering support senior members in the CALD community so they can develop their digital skills and confidence through Be Connected program.

Trained bilingual digital mentors of the ECC NSW have trained 15 community group / organisation coordinators to become the digital mentors.

Together, they have been delivering learning sessions to 100+ older Australians in Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean and Spanish.

Each community prefers and uses a different method of online sessions therefore different methods were offered to the respective community members.

It was the most needed time to learn digital skills during pandemic and CALD seniors who participated in the program expressed their sincere gratitude for the opportunity.

They are more confident in using the online and feel more connected.

Phone screen showing 5 people connecting to Vietnamese Be Connected session via Facebook Messenger
Woman looking at phone and laptop screen participating in Vietnamese Be Connected session via Facebook messenger