Dpie litter campaign

Two people removing litter from a creek

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment (NSW DPIE) is funding ECCNSW to implement a project that will provide park visitors with cornstarch rubbish bags printed with litter information. The intention is to educate the park users to stop littering.

‘Don’t be a Tosser’ campaign message will be used as it has a high level of recognition in the community.

crushed can and paper litter in prk
Crumpled plastic bottle on green lawn

Community involvement and awareness will be provided by the ECCNSW bilingual educators who are proficient in several languages.

The Arabic, Chinese and Korean speaking educators will visit the sites on weekends when the target groups visit the sites most frequently.

It will be they who will be instigating the discussions in the targeted languages, by noting what the impact of litter means to our environment, by providing the necessary information associated with the legality and fines for littering and seeking out what the community think would reduce the litter at the site.

All these responses will be recorded. During these on site activities, environmentally sustainable incentive with anti litter messages will be offered. This incentive will be designed to demonstrate how litter can be avoided while enjoying the outdoors.