Energy advocacy – past

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The ECC believes that all members of CALD communities have a right to:

  • affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity and gas 
  • have their interests heard in policy and regulatory decisions on electricity and gas
  • not be disconnected from electricity and gas because they are unable to pay
  • be provided with information in a culturally relevant and appropriate form about energy policies and services.

Cultural Connections – Engaging CALD energy consumers

The Energy Advocacy project has published a set of guidelines to assist energy networks, retailers and businesses with engaging and consulting CALD energy consumers.
The guidelines, Cultural Connections – Engaging CALD energy consumers can be downloaded here (2,202 Kb pdf) and will provide a valuable resource for energy businesses when they are communicating with CALD communities. 
The guidelines also include four case studies of projects that worked and the methods they used. 
Energy Advocacy Community Engagement Group members sitting and standing together at library
Electricity sparking

CALD Energy Consumer Research 2011-16

The Ethnic Communities Council (ECC) commissioned research in order to understand better the experiences and concerns of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) energy consumers in households and in ethnic specific businesses. The National Electricit Market Consumer Advocacy Panel funded the research as there had been little research previously that sought the views of these groups. 

Experiences of energy consumption for CALD Communities Report 2015-2016

CALD Consumer Energy Research Report 2011-12