map multicultural access program

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The MAP Program provides support to both the aged, community care service providers and CALD communities so that our clients have a better understanding of the Commonwealth and State Commonwealth Home Support Programs and Community Care Programs.

The MAP aims to support older CALD Australians and their carers to live more independently at home and in the community and to reduce the potential early entry to residential or institutional care.

About the Multicultural Exchange Hub for Ageing

The Exchange Hub is a robust online community platform hosted by the ECCNSW. The site has been developed in collaboration with the National Multicultural Sector Support and Development Alliance and the Multicultural Access Programs funded by the Commonwealth Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

The Multicultural Exchange Hub assists aged care service providers funded by the Commonwealth Government to:

  • understand and implement the latest commonwealth policies and changes to meet their CALD consumer needs
  • find the right cultural expertise to assist in developing engaging and accessible aged care services
  • identify accurate and suitable translated material and resources
  • link to cultural and ageing expertise
  • utilise practices and strategies to overcome barriers to delivering equitable and accessible aged care services and supports to CALD communities.
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What is MAP?

CALD Sector Support and and Development programs assist by providing an array of strategies and resources to assist providers in developing a robust, compliant, quality aged care service, which delivers excellence in culturally appropriate aged care.

Aims of the MAP program

  • Improve access and equity for CALD older people and their carers
  • Strengthen the capacity of the CHSP and CCSP services system to respond to the needs of the CALD target group
  • Respond to and inform about policy and program direction that affects services delivery to CALD communities
  • Provide advice and information to CHSP and CCSP services and related programs on CALD communities access and equity

By working together, we strive to develop:

  • A service system which is better equipped to respond to the specific needs of CALD population.
  • A system planning process which is responsive to the specific needs of the CALD population.
  • A community where CALD people are better informed about aged and other related programs and the services they offer.
  • Access and use of services by CALD clients is reflective of local / regional demographics.
  • Productive cohesion and network between the funded project and other relevant community care services.