Tech Savvy Seniors Program had celebrated its milestone at Rockdale library on Wednesday 26th of October. The Minister for Multiculturalism and the Minister for Seniors , The Hon. Mark Coure, attended the event.

Participant’s feedback clearly shows the huge benefits of this Program particularly during the pandemic where it was a lifeline for CALD seniors. For many this Program has been a gateway to up skilling and gaining the necessary knowledge to manoeuvre in this new world of digital literacy.

Seniors attending this Program developed a variety of digital skills including looking up information on the Web, staying connected with families and friends through social media,
partaking in online shopping, and learning about cyber safety.
This a crucial time for our seniors to learn about cyber safety as scammers are active and, in many cases, are targeting seniors in our community.

Feedback from those who participated in the Tech Savvy Program expressed that the benefits included:

  • an increased sense of independence and digital confidence
  • an elimination of loneliness and isolation
  • an increased use of online services
  • an enhanced social connectedness
  • a greater ability to pursue hobbies and interests
  • a positive self-esteem
  • an appreciation of the convenience technology offers
  • a feeling of empowerment and greater self-worth

The ECCNSW is proud to deliver this program since 2015 in 13 languages across Sydney.

Have a look to the photos of the event, HERE