New resources: Conversation starters for families

Open and honest conversations can empower families to tackle potential online harms, including online child sexual abuse and exploitation. To support these conversations, eSafety commissioner is sharing new resources from the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) and eSafety.

Use the stakeholder kit and share the resources on your own social media account, newsletter and website or platform.

Available in English, Punjabi, Chinese and Arabic, these resources have been tested with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. They include an advice sheet for parents and carers and conversation cards to help families talk about online safety.

eSafety commissioner also encourages children and young people to report online child sexual exploitation to It’s important that all children and young people know that if they are a victim of online child sexual exploitation, it’s not their fault and they can get help and support.

Source: eSafety commissioner