According to a 2022 nationally representative survey carried out by eSafety, more Australians are experiencing online harms than ever before.

Understanding that multicultural individuals are more likely to have experienced online hate speech (18% compared to the national average of 14% according to this report from eSafety), it’s important that communities are armed with information about the protections and supports available.

Online Safety Laws have been in place since 2022 and make it easier to fight the most severe types of online abuse. These laws hold abusers to account and help to get dangerous content removed from platforms.

Anyone experiencing severe online abuse can visit to make a report or for support.

The Australian Government has developed a national campaign to raise awareness of the protections available for those experiencing severe online abuse, and a range of in-language materials are available.

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New informative and culturally appropriate materials, including an animated video, explainer scenarios and an in-language factsheet, have been created to raise awareness.

Help by sharing these with your networks and protect multicultural Australia from severe online abuse.

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Source: Australian Government