The Australian energy system is facing numerous challenges as it undergoes a fundamental transformation towards a more sustainable and renewable future. One of the biggest challenges is the need to balance the integration of renewable energy sources with the existing infrastructure, which relies heavily on coal-fired power plants and gas.

The intermittency of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar also presents challenges in maintaining a stable and reliable energy supply. Additionally, the transition requires significant investment in new infrastructure and technologies, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Also, ensuring affordability and accessibility of energy for all Australians, particularly CALD communities and people living in remote and disadvantaged communities, is a critical challenge that must be addressed during the transformation process.

Jemena Gas has put in place an Advisory Board and Expert Panel in order to guide them in this transition. A group of stakeholders are sharing their thoughts around the future of energy, taking into account customer feedback and the technical information available to them, as well as what they want and need from their gas distribution network in New South Wales in the future.

Our CEO Mary Karras, member of the Gas Networks 2050 Advisory Board, speaks in this video about the challenges for the CALD communities face in this space.