The Royal Commission into Violence, Neglect, Abuse and Exploitation of people with a disability is seeking a response to the issues paper, “The experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability”.

The NSW response, compiled by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW (ECCNSW), is seeking information on the attitudes, experiences and understanding of disability in these communities, with the goal of moving towards a more inclusive society.

The response draws together comments from interviews of people with disabilities or their carers from several cultural backgrounds.

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW would like to thank the many individuals who generously contributed their personal experiences and stories to be provided to the Royal Commission.

We also gratefully acknowledge the collaboration of our many Member Organisations that assisted ECCNSW to organise and host these events. To protect the anonymity of the focus group participants (as requested) we have not included the details of these Member Organisations.

This submission was collated by ECCNSW’s Speak My Language (Disability) program, an initiative that aims to share and celebrate stories of diverse communities living well with a disability.

Read the submission HERE