The Ethnic Communities’ Council of New South Wales (ECC NSW), the peak state body for culturally and linguistically diverse persons representing hundreds of communities and organisations, today called on the NSW State Government to make strong, effective engagement with diverse communities on the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine rollout a priority.

“Even the perception that our diverse communities are being treated heavy-handedly damages this State’s ability to combat COVID-19,” said ECC NSW Chair Mr Peter Doukas OAM, following reports of increased Police presence primarily in areas of south-Western Sydney heavily associated with numerous multicultural communities.

“It is important that all those within Sydney and NSW observe the relevant Public Orders intended to keep us safe but this can only be achieved if it is effectively communicated to cultural communities they are part of the solution and not being singled out,” said Doukas.

“The ECC NSW are here together with hard-working organisations to get the messaging on restrictions and the vaccine rollout to everyone who needs to hear it. Essential to communication is messaging in numerous non-English languages and this needs to be at the forefront of Government action,” concluded Mr Doukas.