Pathways to Personal Development and Success (PPDS) for Tamil and Thai-speaking women

The Pathways to Personal Development and Success (PPDS) program, funded by the Department of Home Affairs and delivered by ECCNSW, has achieved significant success in integrating Thai and Tamil-speaking women aged 30 to 64 into Australian society. Targeting women with low English proficiency and high levels of social isolation, the program has
provided critical support in several areas.

Through educational sessions, participants gained knowledge about Australian citizenship, increasing their motivation to pursue it and enhancing their sense of belonging. Job readiness training, including resume writing, job application processes, and interview techniques, significantly improved employability. The program also fostered community
connections, reducing isolation and providing essential emotional and practical support.

Entrepreneurial training empowered participants to consider starting and managing small businesses, driving potential economic growth within their communities. Economic literacy
sessions on budgeting and financial planning equipped women with the skills for long-term financial stability. Enhanced digital literacy and awareness of cyber-scams enabled safe
navigation of the digital world, opening new opportunities for communication and employment.

Wellness activities boosted mental and emotional well-being, fostering resilience and self-esteem. Participants developed essential skills and cultural competencies, feeling more
equipped to integrate into Australian life. Improved English language skills boosted confidence, encouraging engagement in work, education, and community activities. Through
promoting understanding and tolerance of diversity, the program strengthened community bonds and reduced potential conflicts.

The PPDS program has been instrumental in empowering these women, fostering their integration, and encouraging active participation in Australian society.

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