The NSW Department of Education is inviting parents and carers to participate in a short survey to understand their views on consent education. Consent is saying yes to something happening or agreeing to do something freely, without fear, force or pressure.

Past and present students across the state have called for improved consent education. A recent petition by former Sydney student Chanel Contos led to thousands of young people sharing their stories of witnessing or experiencing sexual harassment, abuse and violence amongst young people. This sparked calls for earlier and better consent education for students.

The Department would like to hear your views. This anonymous survey is available in 10 languages other than English and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey will help the Department understand what parents and carers know about consent education in schools today, and what kinds of resources will help them to talk about consent with their children and young people at home.

The results will be shared on NSW Department of Education website later this year. For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions please visit the webpage.

The Department would like to hear from parents and carers of NSW Public School students of all ages, from all communities. Together, we can help our children and young people form healthy relationships.

Survey in Languages