Of the 23,000 level railway crossings in Australia, 79% are ‘passive’ crossings that do not have active lights, bells or boomgates to alert drivers when a train is approaching. This can mean an increased risk of near misses and collisions, particularly in regional areas.

This is why the Australian Government is informing drivers about this issue and raising awareness of the need for safe driving behaviours around railway crossings — including among multicultural communities in regional areas and those who may be new to driving in these locations.

Road users must remember to slow down, look and listen for trains. Informing communities who live, work and travel into regional areas about how to safely cross regional railway crossings is important.

The stakeholder kit includes key messages and materials to share with your network.

Included in the kit is:

Download HERE Stakeholder Kit

Further information about how the Government is making regional railway crossings safer can be found at www.regionalrailsafety.gov.au

Source: Australian Government