YourGround NSW is a proactive tool to help make positive change in our shared public spaces – spaces that should be accessible to everyone.

The map crowdsources data, allowing users to anonymously pin a spot, tell a story or share an experience while out for leisure, study, work, play or transport. When collated and analysed, this data will provide insights that can make our cities, towns and community spaces more inclusive and equitable.

About YourGround NSW

YourGround NSW are asking women and gender-diverse people across NSW to anonymously pin a spot on the YourGround NSW map and tell where they feel safe.

They are also asking people to anonymously identify public spaces where they don’t feel as safe, and share their experiences.

A recent Safer Cities survey found that 59% of women in NSW do not feel safe in public spaces after dark. YourGround NSW will capture and analyze the reasons behind women’s and gender-diverse people’s perceptions of safety in public spaces, such as location, time of day, environment, lighting, and busyness.

The project’s data will provide insights into how we can make our cities and towns more inclusive and equitable and will inform future policies and projects. This project is the first of its kind in NSW.