Like many countries across the world, Australia is experiencing a severe labour shortages. Given skilled migration has an important role in helping address these skill gaps and workforce shortages, the Australian Government has added extra places to its 2022-23 skilled migration program to help fill roles where there are not enough Australians. The number of permanent visas for 2022-23 has increased from 160,000 to 195,000 places. Of these, 142,400 are for skilled visas.

In support of this program, a 12-month international advertising campaign is currently underway to attract overseas skilled workers in occupations with skill shortages, and to promote Australia as a destination of choice for skilled migrants. Workers are being sought across healthcare, education, infrastructure and ICT

Australia-based community members and organisations are important in reaching potential migrants in their home countries and encouraging more skilled workers to choose Australia for their permanent home.

Home Affairs is hosting a series of events for Australian multicultural community stakeholders to come together with senior Home Affairs representatives to hear more about the skilled migration program, and receive information that can be shared with friends and family overseas.

A dedicated campaign website,, provides information about living and working in Australia and how to apply for an Australian skilled visa.

To encourage Australian multicultural community members to become trusted voices for the campaign within their networks here and abroad, the department is coordinating face-to-face meetings with multicultural community leaders.

Meeting in Sydney
Date: Thursday 30th March 2023
Venue: Bankstown Library & Knowledge Centre (Lansdowne Room 1 & 2)
Time: 6 pm