CCS is the main way the Australian Government is helping families with the cost of early childhood education and care. The changes to Child Care Subsidy commenced from 10 July 2023. Most families using early childhood education and care will now get more CCS and some families previously not eligible for CCS will now get it.

The changes mean early childhood education and care is now more affordable for more families. Out-of-pocket costs will reduce for around 96% of families currently using child care, and no family will be worse off.

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For translated materials, you can visit child-care-subsidy-campaign/translated-materials

Embrace Society is working with the Australian Government Department of Education to ensure eligible parents and carers in your community are made aware of this important information. Distributing this information through your networks will help ensure multicultural communities in Australia are made aware of the changes to CCS.

Keep your community informed!

In the resources kit you will find:

  • Fact sheet in English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Greek, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese.
  • Infographic in English and translated into 7 languages as above
  • Poster in English and translated into 7 languages as above
  • Social media tiles in English

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