We want to enjoy ourselves when we are going swimming, fishing or boating. To stay safe, we need to remember a few things to protect our friends and family from drowning:

  1. When we are around the water we should stay close to and be with our friends and family, all ages and experience levels, we should never leave anyone alone.
  2. Everyone must wear a lifejacket when fishing, on boats and jet-skis – lifejackets save lives.
  3. We should not use alcohol or drugs when we are around water. These can affect our thinking and reaction which can make it dangerous and can lead to drowning.
  4. Learning to swim and learning water safety skills can help keep ourselves and each other safe by knowing what to do in a drowning emergency.

You can access culturally relevant resources – social media tiles, DL brochures, A4 posters and short videos in Easy EnglishArabicNepalese and Chinese (Simplified) 

For more information visit Multicultural Communities | Royal Life Saving or contact [email protected]