The NSW Department of Education wants feedback from parents, carers and staff on what is important, what we should continue and how we might enable consistent and high-quality experiences for all parents and carers of children and young people and staff in public education.

Parents and carers are their child’s first educator. Engagement with their child’s learning starts from early childhood and continues through different stages of development and learning environments. This might involve supporting their child’s learning, development and participation, finding ways to bring learning into the home, and helping teachers and staff to know and understand their child.

We know strong partnerships across education communities, between students, parent and carers, teachers, educators, school and department staff, help to foster engagement and positive learning and well-being outcomes.

Your feedback will help shape a parent and carer engagement framework. We want to help parents and carers to:

  • clearly understand their rights, responsibilities and choices to support their child’s education
  • access easy to understand and timely information to help them support their child’s learning, development and well-being
  • have a say in matters that impact their child’s education, and see outcomes that reflect their involvement
  • feel confident in raising their concerns or to know how to make complaints where they are not satisfied with an aspect of their child’s education
  • receive services and support that anticipate needs and cater for diversity
  • engage with their child’s education, supported by strong partnerships with staff to achieve shared goals

Have your say

We’re inviting your feedback, as:

  • parents or carers supporting your child’s education and learning, or,
  • department staff, working with your community.

We want to hear what matters to you and you can participate in as many ways as you choose.

Have Your Say encourages parents, carers and staff in public education to share their feedback and experiences when engaging to support their child’s education. The page and survey tools have been translated into several languages:
• Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
• Korean
• Swahili
• Turkish
• Vietnamese

There are also details for the free interpreter service to hear in language, and the site will remain open to the public until 30 April.

If you can’t find the translation of this page in your language, please be sure to call 13 14 50 for the free interpreter service. Thank you.