The NSW Local Government elections will be held on Saturday, 4 December 2021.

The NSW Electoral Commission has developed a range of resources to help raise awareness about these elections and support access to voting. For these elections, the Stakeholder engagement kit is a web page, which links to the community information and education resources across their website.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, important changes for these local government elections include:

  • all electors are eligible to vote early at a pre-poll/early voting location
  • iVote will be available to eligible electors for the first time at local government elections
  • postal voting eligibility has been expanded.  

Your organisation can help remind the electors of New South Wales about the upcoming elections in a number of ways:

  • share the materials and resources with your communities and networks
  • include their suggested newsletter content in your own communications
  • post and share their content and assets on your social media platforms
  • share the webpage link with other individuals and organisations.

Please note that postal vote applications have opened. The next key date for electors is Monday, 22 November: this is when iVote applications open and iVote voting starts, the pre-poll in-person voting period commences, and registered electoral material will be published on the NSW Electoral Commission’s website..