Source: NSW EPA

The Bin Trim program, supported by funding from the NSW EPA, has assisted Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam temple in lowering their waste expenses.

Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam is a non-profit religious institution that welcomes devotees and visitors daily. Approximately 100 individuals partake in temple meals multiple times each week, resulting in food waste and leftovers being disposed of in the general waste bin.

A substantial amount of paper towel waste was also being generated.

Mani Ramasamy, an ECCNSW Tamil bilingual educator and Bin Trim assessor, conducted a complimentary waste assessment at the temple. The assessor estimated the quantities of materials in the bins and formulated an action plan.

The Bin Trim assessor recommended the implementation of composters for food waste and the adoption of hand dryers to diminish paper towel waste. Additionally, the assessor provided training to the temple’s staff and volunteers on how to utilize the composters effectively.

Today, food waste is being composted for use in the temple’s gardens rather than being discarded, resulting in almost a 100% reduction in food waste.

While the bin size remains the same, waste collection has been reduced from a weekly schedule to a monthly one.

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