In May 2024, the National Sector Support Development Officer Network held a two-day planning meeting with 163 SSDOs in attendance.

This face-to-face meeting was initiated in Melbourne while concurrent meetings were held virtually in all other states to enable a national dialogue to take place over the two days.  In Sydney 30+ SSDOs convened to discuss state issues and raise challenges with the upcoming Aged Care reforms.  Using the latest technology these meetings enable the facilitation to take place both virtually and in person at the same time across the nation.

The two-day planning was attended by the Department of Health and Age Care and their attendance and participation was greatly appreciated.

The planning days focused on topics such as how to best support the Commonwealth Home Support Service Providers across the nation to transition to the new Support at Home Program, what resources and support providers will need, what preparation are required for them, and how the National Sector Support Developments Officers can collaborate to assist providers to implement these reform changes.

The opportunity for professional dialogue and high-level feedback was invaluable and beneficial.   It is envisaged that the outcome of these two planning days will inform and guide the sector to build capacity and assist in the successful delivery of the upcoming reforms.