Lung Foundation Australia is a charity that funds research and delivers support services to people living with lung disease or lung cancer.

They have developed a series of occupational lung disease resources translated in Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese.

Healthy Lungs at Work factsheet:

This factsheet is for at-risk workers who may be at risk of an occupational lung disease if they work with certain hazardous agents. The factsheet provides a brief overview of what you and your employer can do in your work environment, as well as what you can do yourself, to protect you and your mates’ lung health at work.

Living with Occupational Lung Disease booklet:

This booklet has been designed to help people understand more about the different types of occupational lung diseases, and how they are typically diagnosed and managed. The booklet also contains information on looking after yourself while living with an occupational lung disease, including how to maintain your mental health. Printed copies are available for people interested in the topic.

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